Why gift hampers make a great present for new parents

Having a baby is a life-changing event for new parents – equal parts joyful and overwhelming. Trying to decide on the perfect gift to give them can also be challenging: do you buy something for the baby to use now or something for it to grow into? Do you get a gift for the parents, who’ll be more aware of the gesture? Or do you do both?


The thing is, people love to buy cuddly soft toys for a new baby, and pretty soon new parents will be inundated with cute teddy bears, bunny rabbits and more. Rather than go down this route, the trick is to find something that will make their life easier as they navigate the foreign waters of parenthood. They’re juggling learning a whole new set of skills with minimal sleep, endless crying and nappies everywhere. Lending a helping hand will go a long way to showing them how much you care.


That’s why a gourmet gift hamper or luxury baby hamper can be the perfect choice for a new parent. You can fill it with lots of useful bibs and bobs as well as treats for mum and dad to keep their spirits up when sleep is hard to come by.


Here are our favourite ideas to welcome a newborn into the world:


  1. Mama & Bub Gift Box. We love putting together beautifully crafted baby hampers that are both thoughtful and useful. This gift box features a few luxury newborn essentials including a pure cotton cosy blanket, a cute outfit just the right size for a baby, natural, baby-safe essential oils and creams that smell divine, pamper items for mum to help her get better sleep and snacks for when she's too busy to eat.
  1. Comfort Gourmet Gift Box. Nursing mums need more calories than everyone else so why not gift her with a sweet box of treats and comfort foods to keep quick snacks on hand (she can even eat some one-handed; perfect!). Our Comfort Box features some chocolate-y goodness to reward her for a job well done, including velvety, rich, organic drinking chocolate (and mugs to drink it from) and Choc Apricot Hazelnut Bread – yum!
  2. Family Beginning Gift Box with Flowers & Champagne. When you want to give the ultimate gift – useful, luxurious and memorable – this is the choice to make. It features a cosy blanket and jumpsuit, toys and book for baby, a beautiful frame to capture the memory of this special time forever, a botanical notebook for parents to record their feelings, events and emotions, a bottle of premium French champagne to toast their good news and a pretty posy to brighten up the nursery.

When new parents welcome their first child, they often require a whole range of things they never knew they needed. If you want to go all out and custom build your own baby boy or girl gift hamper, here are a few of the most helpful items you can add to it:

  • Nappies
  • Bibs
  • Baby wipes
  • A dummy
  • Baby paracetamol
  • Nipple cream
  • Healthy snacks
  • Thermometer
  • Luxury nipple cream
  • Baby safe essential oils
  • Healthy, easy to grab snacks
  • Swathing blanket
  • Newborn onesies.

Take a look at our tasteful hamper choices for new parents now.